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National Building Regulations

National Building Regulations

Building regulations and review board


Local authorities are responsible for the administration of the National Building Regulations, and control the on-site activities on construction projects. When present, professional architects and engineers are required to perform specific functions.

The role of the NRCS is to –
•    Advise the Minister about possible amendments and changes to the National Building Regulations;
•    Promote uniformity in the understanding and implementation of National Building Regulations (NBRs) made in terms of the National Building Regulations & Building Standards Act 103 of 1977.


•    provides technical advice to persons, organisations and local authorities regarding the interpretation and application of the National Building Regulations and Building Standards Act, and the National Building Regulations.

•    Administers a Review Board dealing with disputes, including those arising from appeals lodged by building owners against decisions of local authorities.

•    Conducts building defect inspections and issues reports for legal purposes on a consultancy basis.

•    Approval of qualifications: The Minister has delegated the evaluation of the qualifications of candidates for appointment as Building Control Officers and approval of their appointments to the NRCS.

•    Workshops are held periodically for stakeholders, including municipalities, the SMME sector and industry to promote uniformity in the application of the National Building Regulation.

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