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Building plan submission and approval

Building plan submission and approval

If you are planning any building work at your home or workplace, such as alterations, additions or constructing a new building, the National Building Regulations and Building Standards Act, Act 103 of 1977 requires you to obtain the relevant Council’s approval for your building plans. The Local Council’s receives thousands of building plan applications every year. By ensuring that your submission meets all the requirements and includes all necessary supporting information and documents, you can assist Ratio runners to process your submission within the shortest possible time. This website is meant as a guide to help you prepare and submit a proper building plan application that complies with all the relevant Council’s requirements and the prescripts of the law.


Our services includes:

  • An in-house architect for minor changes on plans
  • (when confirmed with client power of attorney required)
  • Pre submission guidance on council requirements
  • Pic up and delivery of plans from client
  • Detailed checklist to ensure prompt approval
  • Obtainment of geomatic documents
  • 15 years experience in the architectural environment
  • Circulation of documentation
  • Documentation Collection
  • a Document Collection is the inquiries to be made at Council, to obtain copies of existing house plans, zoning certificate, SG diagrams, Town Planning Scheme or any other information which may only be obtained from the Local Authority and its archives.
  • Standard Plan submissions
  • a Stanard Plan submission is, a plan submission that does not require other applications example building line encroachment, rezoning or special consent use.
  • Building line relaxation
  • Building line relaxation, when applicable (where additions is encroaching set building lines as per Zoning certificate.), needs to be granted prior to any plan submission being done.

Plan Submission includes:

  • New
  • Addition
  • Alteration
  • Amendment
  • Demolishing
  • Minor Building
  • Other

Type of buildings includes:

  • Dwellings/ Duet’s
  • Cluster Housing – Full/Sectional Title
  • Flats
  • Other habitable
  • Offices
  • Number of Units
  • Industrial
  • Sport/Church recreation
  • School/Creches
  • Shops
  • Subdivision/Consolidation
  • Other/Temporary Structures

Site Development Plan Approval

Municipality Runner Services

Let Us Run For Your Business


  • Obtaining Previous approved plans
  • Obtaining SG, Zoning, Tite deed
  • Herritage/ PRAGH Applications
  • New Dwellings
  • 2nd Dwellings
  • Additions
  • Alterations
  • Building line relaxation
  • Consent to use
  • Title deed restriction removal
  • Sectional title applications

We specialise in the following:

Stand/ Erf Information


This service is rendered to all future property buyers. By identifying ANY restrictions on the stand/ Erf, which could be a RISK example Land use / usage and restrictions, servitudes, sewerage connection position, building restrictions. And make sure that all existing structures on the property has approved building plans. Plus a zoning certificate, S.G diagram, Arial photo (black & white), sewerage slip & building plans (if available).

PLEASE NOTE: Future property owners: make sure you have the approved plans of the property before you sign the offer to purchase or you will be liable for all structures on the site as well as illegal structures.

Submission & Approval of plans

The submission and approval of all building plans.

We also do submission to HOA (Home Owners Ass. Esthetics committees as well as signing of Inter party comments by neighbors & application for encroachment of building line at the local municipality.

The submission and approval of Site Development Plans

The submission and approval of Site Development Plans at all 7 regions of Tshwane local municipality.

Acquiring of documentation at the local municipality:

Requiring of documentation at City of Tshwane for building purposes e.g. zoning certificate, S.G diagram, sewerage slip, Title deed and existing building plans.

Working relationship with

  • Engineers
  • Storm Water Engineers
  • Town Planners
  • Landscaping Architects
  • Architects/ – Technologits/ Draughtsman
  • Fire Consultants
  • Electrical/ Mechanical Engineers



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