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Submission and Approval

Herewith the requirements for preparing and submitting your building plan application – from the background information you’ll need, to submitting your papers at your local district office.

Drawing of building plans

At Ratio Land Development Corporation Services we provide a comprehensive range of skills and services to assist in progressing your project:


An Occupation Certificate is compulsory for every building before occupation, as required by the National Building Regulations and Building Standards Act (1977). This is to show that all requirements have been met and to safeguard the owner.

Plan better, live better

Before you drawn up your building plans or submit your plans for approval​, contact us!

  • Patience is required once applications have been submitted. The approval process may take well over six weeks, all depends on the local municipality If you wish to see how

  • If you are planning any building work at your home or workplace, such as alterations, additions or constructing a new building, the National Building Regulations and Buildi

  • We can provide you with all the needed plans to get approval at all local authorities – some of these drawings are building plans, municipal plans, engineer’s d

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Awarded building projects


Approved building plans


Certificates Issued


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